Best Couple friendly and romantic rooms in Chennai


Best Couple friendly and romantic rooms in Chennai

By the start of Monsoons, there comes a mighty fragrance of love in the breeze! It is the ideal time to prepare for a peaceful getaway and spend some quality time with your companion.

Feel free! Booking a rich hotel that melts half of your wallet is not the only convenient choice possible. Here are some ideas for booking "Couple-friendly" and romantic rooms in Chennai. There are several freakish rooms and experiential halts rising up throughout Chennai that needs to be explored. Why not pick a wonderful homestay or spend an amazing time on a farm stay?

All the ethical and present policing may let you feel that staying in a hotel room in Chennai is illegal if you are unmarried. But there is no law in India that states unmarried couples are not permitted to stay or reserve a hotel room together.

Luckily, there are various websites that understand a couple's requirements for privacy and provide couple-friendly hotels. In fact, denying to give a hotel room to a couple on the basis of their marital status, is a violation of fundamental rights. Even the Supreme Court of India has clearly declared that it is legal for unmarried couples to stay together.

Nowadays most of the hotels around the city offer hassle-free stay for unmarried couples. Some hotels even allow the couples to hire a room in half-day slots. Notably, some of the hotels further permit same-sex couples too.

Countless youngsters are opting for bed and breakfast accommodations, hostels and serviced apartments. A 23-year-old from Chennai has recently visited a hotel in T-Nagar with his partner for a long weekend. He said that “We didn’t need to prove that we are married when we hired a room”. "They simply requested for our ID proofs for safety purposes. We didn’t disturb them and they didn’t disturb us” he added.

At the same time, a new wave of graded budget hotels is spreading throughout the city that offers low-priced and secured stay for youngsters. Most of the hotels which provide rooms to people from the outstation, also offer rooms to adults from the same city without any trouble.

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