Best Family-friendly Hotels in Chennai


Best Family-friendly Hotels in Chennai

Touring with children is a guaranteed adventure – at the greatest of times it’s an exceptional experience but it’s never easy. In a new and unfamiliar city, it’s crucial to plan out our days to lessen the pressure of moving around with kids in tow. The Tamilnadu capital is one of the world’s most attractive tourist destinations – here are some suggestions for finding the best family hotels in Chennai.

There are several hotels for families in Chennai that are equipped to cater to your kiddos. Pack up the fruit snacks and tablets and get on the road to family bonding. A pause from the ordinary could be just what you need to put the “dear” back in “nearest and dearest.”

When flying to Chennai with your family, it is best to stay at a hotel that is located in the heart of the city with easy access to public transport. Areas like Usman Road and Pondy Bazaar are well-known and popular in T-Nagar due to their amazing nightlife, with flashing lights, shining clubs, and shopping malls that are hustling with travelers. It is most suitable to book hotels in these areas, getting you close to most of Chennai’s places of interest!

From us to you, here’s the perfect family-friendly hotel in Chennai to get travel plans more comfortable and faster for your family vacation.

JJS Park Inn, T-Nagar, being located in the core of Chennai is your best choice when traveling with family as it is situated in the shopping hub. Not only can you move around the City with ease, but you can also spend hours outside on the streets without bothering about getting a cab back to your guest house.

Just a stone’s throw from T-Nagar Railway station is the best budget hotel which is not only suitable for business travelers but also provides well-appointed conveniences for families. Right from the modern and grand lobby, you’ll find space for kids where the little ones can amuse themselves while you’re checking in.

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