Ramzan A season of Fasting…


Ramzan A season of Fasting…

One of the primary duties of Islam, Ramzan Fasting has started on 7th May 2019 in India. In this season, Fasting porridge will be distributed in the mosques to common people every day. It’s the tradition of Muslims to fast and pray god on all 30 days of this month.

Ramzan fasting will be started based on the crescent moon that appears in the sky on the 29th of Shaban month. In case, if it doesn’t emerge, people will start fasting on the first day of Ramzan month.

At this point of time, Crescent moon for starting the fast was not seen in Chennai and in other districts on May 5th this year. Following this, Tamilnadu Chief Kaaji announced that the Ramzan festival Fasting will be followed from May 7th, 2019.

The end of the 30th day of fasting will be celebrated as Ramzan Festival. During Ramzan fasting, Muslims will have a morning meal called “Sehr” by 4 a.m itself and begin fasting after dawn.

Not even swallowing salivary enzymes throughout the day, Muslims will complete fasting after dusk. It is called as “Ifthar”. Arrangements will be made in the mosques for conducting a Special prayer called “Taraweeh” on all 30 days of fasting and also for providing fasting porridge.

Muslims celebrate the 27th day of fasting as “Lailaththul kathru” night and end of the 30th day as the “Ramzan” festival.

JJS Park Inn takes privilege in serving Muslim guests this Ramzan season. Fasting and Praying become comfortable, while Jamia, Masjid e millat and T-Nagar mosques are nearby. Shopping turns to excitement as Pondy Bazaar and Ranganathan street are at walkable distance.