Top 5 websites for booking Couple Friendly rooms


Top 5 websites for booking Couple Friendly rooms

Some hotels emphasize on showing either a marriage certificate or identity proof prior to checking couples in. There is no law that restricts consenting adults from booking a hotel room. Still, some Indian hotels are cautious of offering rooms to unmarried adults.

Hotel booking websites list everything from budget hotels to star resorts. Even though, it’s not that all the establishments listed on the site have such liberal accommodation policies. Since the rights of admission are determined by the owners. Though, frequent users of the platform insist that there’s no difficulty in locating a place if dates are known well in advance.

Websites such as Cleartrip and MakeMyTrip enable their customers to book rooms in almost all hotels at a click. But their terms and conditions specify that people who are unmarried could be denied admission by the hotel. They will not be responsible for any check-in related issues due to the above-mentioned reason.

To avoid being denied accommodation at the last minute, many couples are opting to make use of some reliable websites. The terms of admission to rooms in private properties, listed by these websites are more flexible and can be negotiated previously. The prominent features of those cool websites are listed in the following:


Airbnb holds around 5,000 listings in India. Airbnb is not the solitary website that is both flexible and liberal. Stayzilla and Tripvilllas also list rooms that homeowners who are ready to rent for travelers without imposing many restrictions. TripVillas clearly mentions if unmarried couples will not be permitted, in the rooms list.


In 2016 the renowned booking operator OYO had added the choice for unmarried couples to book rooms. For that, we can simply select "OYO Welcomes Couples" in the filters while searching for a hotel in any city.

Alternatively, you can also activate the 'Relationship Mode' on the OYO App. OYO claims to possess couple-friendly hotels in 100+ cities all over India.


LuvStay assists you to hire safe and secure hotel rooms for unmarried/married couples for a comparatively shorter stay. LuvStay extends the freedom of flexible timings by allowing an appropriate booking either in 24-hr or 12-hr slots (available in day and night slots).

It further gives unique facilities for couples such as delivering cakes, chocolates, gifts, etc. Moreover, it accepts local IDs also.


At "BreviStay", you can discover couple-friendly hotels for 'micro-stay'. The guests can quickly filter the hotels which greet unmarried couples by checking the couple stickers on the listed hotels.

"BreviStay" provides a person to check-in on hourly packages from 3 hours to 12 hours. Couple-friendly hotels on "BreviStay" are accessible over 11 cities in India.


In a short period of time, MiStay has expanded a chain of couple-friendly hotels. It is currently operative in almost 40 cities. "MiStay" provides three distinct slots for couples to hire: 8-11 am, 12-7 pm and 8-7 am. These Services are available for business travelers too.

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