Types of Room and suite in hotels


Types of Room and suite in hotels

Hotels extend a wide range of rooms and services. A hotel suite is more spacious and can offer a luxurious experience when compared to a hotel room. Some hoteliers will call a standard room as ‘mini-suite’ or another modification on the term, as long as it sells.

A hotel suite is not just a large setup with one room for sleeping in and another for entertaining or watching television. Between those rooms, there would be a wall and a door, the better to provide shelter for families that desire to keep children in a separate room, or for business travelers who need to conduct meetings without a bed in sight.

But customers need to keep in mind that suite is a tricky word in the hotel business, particularly when prefaced by a modifying word. Although suite describes “a group of connected rooms,” there are several hoteliers out there using extra flexible definitions.

They define a single room as a “studio suite” or “junior suite” merely for its floor plan or furniture that in some way it separates the bed from the sitting area. Having that sort of liberty with language as an advantage, a hotelier can attract even a cautious traveler. Let's explore the types of rooms and suites offered in the hotels.

Basic hotel room

A basic hotel room comes with two queen or king-sized beds, a TV, and a private bathroom with a few toiletries. Based on the hotel, coffeemaker, hairdryer, and other additional luxuries will be provided. Nowadays, most of the hotel rooms incorporate free Wi-Fi, but this may not be the scenario while traveling to foreign locations. Some hotels may also provide armchair, reading lamp or a desk & chair for working.

Luxury Hotel Room

The luxury rooms are much more open and the views are better than standard rooms. They possess additional furniture & more comfortable than a basic room. They further provide extra services like mini bar, spa, etc.

Hotel suites

A Hotel Suite grants you access to added services such as a useful kitchen area depends on the travel reasons. Some luxury suites may look like a standard hotel room while offering more space and more luxurious furniture, appliances, and services.

Presidential Suite

The presidential suite brings out the most lavish option. These usually come with the best panoramic view, deluxe bedding, an aesthetic work station, as well as waiting and dining areas. The presidential suite often comes with several additions, from a wet bar and luxury toiletries to cordless telephones, and a huge LED television with a stereo sound system.

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